Availability and Scheduling

>> Your Availability: Essential, Sensitive, As Flexible As Possible, Precise and Updated

We arrange tutoring sessions based on the availability that students provide through email. We do not re-confirm your availability before booking your session(s) and rescheduling is restricted, so making sure that all the dates and times are correct is essential! You might be offered some available time slots that you can book right away, but your full availability is required regardless. Once your sessions are booked, however, you can sit back and relax and have peace of mind, while others might be desperately fighting to book a session! No student can take your booked sessions!

>> Book It or Lose It: Available Time Slots

When we introduce you a potential tutor in an introductory email, we may offer you some time slots based on the availability of that potential tutor. That time slot is not booked and it's open for you or any other students who take it first. This is a good example of how availability works at Hit the Books.

>> Tentatively Booked for You: Maximum for 24 hrs

Once we send you a tentative booking, this time slot is based on the availability of both you and your tutor. It will be reserved until the payment deadline. After the deadline, it will be no longer reserved and other students can book this time slot.

>> Cancellation and Rescheduling:

To help us stay organized and avoid paying unnecessary fees, we encourage you to keep your session(s) as they are scheduled. Should you need to reschedule your session due to emergency, please consult our Rescheduling Procedures.

>> See the Glass as Half Full!

Sit back and relax! Have peace of mind by booking all your sessions in advance!

Book your session(s) and they're all yours while others might be desperately fighting to get one! No one can take other students' booked sessions.

>> Let us know about your availability in detail:

• Any schedule preferences. We will do our best to accommodate them.

• When you would like to start

• When this availability starts and ends

• The hours you are available each day for weekday and weekend

• Any days you are unavailable

Have any questions?

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