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Graduate Exams: GMAT, GRE, and More!

WE CHALLENGE Our Competitors!

Will they dare to say “Challenge accepted”!? Hit the Books provides high-quality tutorials for a broad range of graduate exams at the most competitive rates. At Hit the Books, we believe education should be excellent AND affordable!

Graduate Admissions exams we cover:

>> DAT


>> GRE



>> OAT


>> Looking for a Language Test or EETC Preparation programs? Follow the links for more information.

Need to Pass Other Graduate Exams?

Contact us to have information about any other graduate exams. We'll be happy to help you!

Not sure which Graduate Exam fits your needs? Have an Academic Advising consultation with an experienced team member.

Graduate Exam Prep Programs:

Graduate exams can be quite tricky! Even test-takers with extensive professional experience and a solid educational background can be caught off-guard by difficult questions. Our mission is to give you the best preparation possible so you can boost your score on exam day. First, we assess your strengths and weaknesses, taking into account any previous scores. Second, we familiarize you with the test's structure and question types, breaking them down into easily understandable parts. Third, we teach you key test strategies, supervise practice tests in needed subject areas, and help you craft a study plan that's right for YOU!

Unique and Exclusive Features of our Prep Programs:

Evaluation Exam

Designed to assess your skills in different sections of the exam

Personalized Study Plan

Customized based on your results, focused on your objectives, and planned in accordance with your schedule to guarantee maximum efficiency

Ongoing Assessment (Practice Tests)

Performed by your tutors to provide continuous feedback on your progress as well as the effectiveness of the instruction

Discounted First Session

Pay only for one session, taking advantage of a 3-hour evaluation session at a 30% discount. Loved your first session? Register for the best package based on your needs. Make your decision once you are completely satisfied; we want you to LOVE your experience with Hit the Books!

Expert Instructors

Your instructor will be a PhD/MSc/MBA holder with a minimum 5 years of teaching experience who specializes in a specific area of your graduate exam. That makes a huge difference and contributes to Hit the Books’ reputation for excellence!

How to Register:

Contact us and let us know:

>> Your availability and contact information

>> Your goals for the exam (desired score range, preferred schools and programs)

>> Scores from previous times you took this exam (or from practice tests)

Your First Session(s):

Once we have your information, we will book you for a first session in each section of the exam you need to cover. You have the advantage of using a discounted rate for your first session(s) without any commitment to a study package. Because these sessions cover a comprehensive evaluation, a plan for future study, and a review of the major test concepts, we offer a special 3-hour time slot (in contrast to our regular 2-hour sessions).

Your Study Package(s):

Loved your first session? Register for the best package based on your needs. Make your decision once you are completely satisfied; we want you to LOVE your experience with Hit the Books! You can register for separate packages for each tutor, or combine different sections in one large package More about our Graduate Exam Study Packages.

In-Person or Online Tutoring - Your Choice!

Come to our office and take sessions in a focused classroom environment OR learn from home with our Online Tutoring option, available for all one-to-one sessions.

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