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OAT Prep Program: See the Optometry Admission Test Clearly!

The OAT can seem overwhelming because it covers a large range of topics, but we can help you focus! Our tutors not only help you understand facts, but also teach you how to apply them. We cover strategies for mastering the multiple-choice format, which can have its own specific challenges. Furthermore, our OAT preparation program is flexible enough to accommodate students who come from a variety of academic backgrounds. Need the most help with the natural sciences? Strong in chemistry, but weaker in biology? Skilled in science and languages, but rusty in math? No matter your situation, we can give you the skills you need to succeed!

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Unique and Exclusive Features of our Prep Programs:

Evaluation Exam

Designed to assess your skills in different sections of the exam

Personalized Study Plan

Customized based on your results, focused on your objectives, and planned in accordance with your schedule to guarantee maximum efficiency

Ongoing Assessment (Practice Tests)

Performed by your tutors to provide continuous feedback on your progress as well as the effectiveness of the instruction

Discounted First Session

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Expert Instructors

Your instructor will be a PhD/MSc/MBA holder with a minimum 5 years of teaching experience who specializes in a specific area of your graduate exam. That makes a huge difference and contributes to Hit the Books’ reputation for excellence!

All in all, rest assured you are in good hands! Planning efficiently with proper study materials, OAT study tips and prep strategies, we will help you reach your target score.

Your Potential Tutors:

Biology: Neda

Chemistry: Jane

Reading Comprehension: Kirsten

Physics: Nia or Ali

Quantitative Reasoning: Ali

OAT format: What You Need to Know!

The OAT is a multiple-choice test with four sections: Survey of the Natural Sciences, Reading Comprehension, Physics, and Quantitative Reasoning. The total time of the test is four hours and five minutes, not counting the optional tutorial, half-hour scheduled break, and post-test survey.

Test Structure:

Survey of Natural Sciences: 100 multiple choice questions (40% Biology, 30% General Chemistry, 30% Organic Chemistry). 90 minutes.

Reading Comprehension: 50 multiple choice questions. 60 minutes.

Physics: 40 multiple choice questions. 50 minutes.

Quantitative Reasoning: 40 multiple choice questions. 45 minutes.

Scoring: the reported results are scaled scores. Some items will be experimental questions, meaning that they are being tested for inclusion in future tests and will not be scored. They are presented in the same way as the scored questions.


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