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Finals Are Coming... It's Time to Hit the Books!

Hit the Course: Prep/Crash Courses

>> Intensive Final Prep Courses (8-12 hours of prep time over 3-4 days)

>> Lectures, Q & A, Past Exam Review

>> Our team covers a wide range of topics, from chemistry to calculus to commerce! If we don't have scheduled Hit the Course for your midterm, you can Make Your Own Group or Mini-Group. Contact us with your group members' names, email addresses, and availability to book a session ASAP.

Graduate Exams

Tutoring for GMAT, GRE, OAT, MCAT, PCAT

Register for tutoring for any of the graduate admissions tests we cover and become eligible for massive discounts! Offers end October 31.

Special 1st-Session Discount

Normally, our first sessions are offered at the rate of the 8-session Study Package ($64/hr, a 20% discount). However, for a limited time, we are offering first sessions at a special 12-session rate - ONLY $56/hr, a 30% discount! Some restrictions may apply.

18-Session Study Package

Our 18-session Study Package is only available at certain times of the year. Designed exclusively for students who need extensive study and/or tutoring in multiple test sections, our largest Study Package is offered at a rate of ONLY $48/hr, a 40% discount! Besides the financial savings, this exclusive package has a number of benefits:

>> Hit the Books Membership

>> Frequent testing/assessment

>> With admin permission, our Graduate Exam students can split these 18 sessions between different test sections instead of registering for separate packages. We recommend this option for students who have a number of weeks to study for the exam and want a comprehensive preparation course. Certain restrictions may apply.

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