Advanced Proofreading Packages

Packages for Advanced Proofreading

After you are completely satisfied with your trial proofreading (a minimum of 1 hour), register for a package and save!

This level of proofreading covers texts such as drafts of academic articles, advanced university (300+) and graduate school essays, graduate school applications, complex professional documents and their equivalents. For basic proofreading, please see more...

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How to Register

After your trial session, "Like" Hit the Books and send us a message on Facebook to get your promotional code! Make sure that you have either sent your full document or calculated how much proofreading you need in one academic term for various assignments. As soon as we receive your payment, your proofreading package will be confirmed and we will send your edited document(s) within 2-7 business days, depending on their length and difficulty and your deadlines. We are committed to providing you fast and reliable service. Have the peace of mind that comes with a settled schedule!

Notice: Please be aware that all promotional rates may be subject to change. Need more information? Please contact Hit the Books.

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