Terms and Conditions

Booking and Rescheduling:

Hit the Books arranges tutoring sessions based on the availability of the student(s) provided in the email(s) that the student(s) send to Hit the Books. Rescheduling is restricted. Any request for changing the date and/or time of a 1-to-1 tutoring session will be considered an acceptable request for rescheduling only if Hit the Books receives the request with an acceptable prior notice, which is 24 hours prior to the sessions on weekdays, 48 hours for weekend sessions and by 6:00 PM of the previous Friday for Monday sessions. The student needs to receive a confirmation by email. Otherwise, regular complete charges will apply for the sessions, due to cancellation with a short notice. An admin fee of $12.50 + tax will apply for any rescheduling that is confirmed in time, with an acceptable prior notice.

Rescheduling is not available for students in mini-group sessions. If the admin team exceptionally needs to cancel a session, we will let all group members know in advance and send the rescheduled date and time based on the group's availability.

Study Packages and Tutoring Sessions:

Each study package is for one course only, and within one academic semester. Tutoring sessions are 2 hours each.* There will be no refund for study packages or trial sessions unless Hit the Books cancels a registration or a trial session due to internal affairs, such as a lack of appropriate tutor(s). In case of cancellation of a study package or a trial session by the student(s), Hit the Books may or may not offer the student(s) certain credit(s) that can be used for other services or study packages at Hit the Books within the same or following semester. Administration fees and other restrictions may apply. GST and QST taxes will be added to the rates of the tutoring sessions offered at Hit the Books, with the exception of Primary and High School tutorials, which are tax–free.

*1.5 hour sessions are available for high school students upon request. An admin fee will be added to the total for each extra session this produces. For example, 12 2-hour sessions will become 16 1.5-hour sessions, while 4 admin fees will be added for the extra sessions.

Reducing or Cancelling Sessions in a Package:

If the student cancels or reduces the number of sessions in a package, we may offer credit or reimbursement, subtracting the number of the rescheduled/canceled sessions (up to a maximum of 4 admin fees). Eligibility for this option will be determined by Hit the Books.

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