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Hit the Books is proud to introduce Winnie, a Master’s degree candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a previous Master’s in Aerospace Engineering. She tutors a wide range of engineering courses, from beginner to advanced university level, and conveys her knowledge with both assurance and enthusiasm. As well, she is a native French speaker with extensive experience tutoring French to university and high school students. She has taken 7 years of intense Alliance française courses studying Francophone culture and literature. Her thorough approach will help you master difficult topics on a theoretical and practical level.

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Simon is currently at the end of his PhD program in Anthropology at Université de Montréal. Holding a M.Sc. in Development Studies from University of London, and with several years of experience in teaching French as a second language, different French courses, and Art and Humanities in French at undergrad level, he is one of the greatest French tutors in our team at Hit the Books. Furthermore, his students' testimonials mark him an excellent teacher with impressive competence in conveying his knowledge!

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