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Faris is currently a Master’s Candidate in Finance at Concordia University. Holding another Master's degree in Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, he is highly experienced in tutoring a wide range of finance, accounting, statistics, and math courses.

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Yacob (Currently Unavailable)

Yacob is a PhD candidate in Economics at Concordia University with Master’s degree and Bachelor's in the same field. He has professional experience as a teaching assistant and can confidently help with a range of economics, statistics, and commerce courses. His experience has given him the ability to explain complicated formulas, proofs and concepts in a simple and accessible way. We are happy to have him in our team at Hit the Books!

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COMM 220

COMM 220, Analysis of Markets, Concordia University:

This course provides a general perspective on the history, operation and relationships between Canadian and international product, labor and financial markets. Specifically, students are introduced to issues of fundamental importance to today’s managers and entrepreneurs such as changes in structure and competitiveness in these markets in response to government policies, the determination and behavior of interest rates, inflation, market integration, and the role and function of financial intermediation. It further provides students with the knowledge of the role and impact of regulation and other government interventions in these markets.

  • Prerequisite of COMM 220: COMM 210, COMM 215; ECON 201 or equivalent; ECON 203 or equivalent previously or concurrently.

Learn COMM 220 without fear. Build your confidence with Hit the Books!

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