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Faris is currently a Master’s Candidate in Finance at Concordia University. Holding another Master's degree in Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, he is highly experienced in tutoring a wide range of finance, accounting, statistics, and math courses.

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Amor is a Master’s candidate in Mathematics at the Université de Montréal. He holds a B.Sc. in the same field and has extensive experience teaching algebra and calculus. With Hit the Books, he specializes in teaching many different math courses. Hit the Books believes you will have a great experience with him.

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COMM 308

COMM 308, Introduction to Finance, Concordia University:

This course provides a general understanding of the fundamental concepts of finance theory as they apply to the firm’s long‑run and short‑run financing, and investment decisions. Building on the objective of firm value maximization, students become familiar with the conceptual issues underlying risk and return relationships and their measurements, as well as the valuation of financial securities. They also learn the concept of cost of capital, its measurement, and the techniques of capital budgeting as practiced by today’s managers. Students are introduced to the basic issues surrounding the firm’s short‑term and long‑term funding decisions and its ability to pay dividends.

COMM 308 doesn’t have to be stressful! Let an expert tutor help you!

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