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Hoss is currently a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering at Queen's University. Holding a M.Sc. in the same field, he is one of the most valuable assets in our team at Hit the Books. Moreover, he is highly experienced in teaching different related courses in the field, and our students all love his approach to teaching. Hit the Books believes you will have a great experience with him!

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Marshall (Currently Unavailable)

Marshall is a Master’s candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Concordia University. He can help students with software such as Xilinx ISE, LabView, Keil, and Arduino as well as Python, C++, Matlab, Java, and VHDL programming. Here at Hit the Books, we are positive about his teaching methods and expertise!

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ELEC 273

ELEC 273, Basic Circuit Analysis , Concordia University:

Units: current, voltage, power, and energy. Elementary wave-forms. Time averages. Ohm’s law. KVL and KCL. Ideal sources. Mesh and node analysis of resistive circuits. Network theorems. Inductors and capacitors and their response to the application of elementary waveforms. Transient response of simple circuits. Natural frequency and damping. Initial conditions. Steady state AC analysis: resonance, impedance, power factor. Delta and Y connections. Ideal operational amplifiers. Lectures: three hours per week. Tutorial: two hours per week. Laboratory: 15 hours total.

Be a ELEC 273 superstar! Hit the Books today!

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