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Stay on course for FSL. Hit the Books will steer you in the right direction! Online Tutoring is available for FSL French as a Second Language, HtB Language School.

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Pierre holds an M.A. and a B.A. in Littérature Française from McGill University. He is a native French speaker with over five years of experience teaching French to individuals and groups. His academic excellence, dynamic teaching style, and welcoming personality make him a great asset to our team at Hit the Books!

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Ben holds a PhD in Chemistry from the École Polytechnique de Montréal. Holding two Master’s degrees in Organic Chemistry and Chemical Engineering he hаs also аccumulаted оver 10 yeаrs оf teaching experience in оne-оn-оne tutоring as well as in group classes. He ensures that each student will not leave the session without fully understanding everything he has taught. He loves teaching and believes that tutoring means directing a brain full of doubts to a state of certainty.

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FSL, French as a Second Language, HtB Language School:

Hit the Books offers Second-Language French tutoring and group classes, taught by a native French speaker with extensive tutoring experience and a strong academic background. Learning a new language can be a challenge! From pronunciation to grammar, each language has its own set of rules and conventions—not to mention vocabulary and style. At the same time, language learning is a very rewarding experience. Knowing two or more languages will open a number of doors for you in the professional and academic worlds.

Benefits of our Intensive Language Classes:

• Interactive Classes with a syllabus tailored to your level!

• The Chance to Advance—pass the end-of-term exam and receive a certificate allowing you to move up a level!

• Games and Activities: Enjoy French songs, videos, and skits!

• Integrated Conversation Practice: Practice what you learned!

• Boost your French conversation skills, vocabulary and comprehension!

Features of our Language Classes:

• A free placement test with no commitment to a Study Package

• A range of Study Packages: Customize your sessions and enjoy the discounts!

• A0 (Beginner), A1-A2 (Upper Beginner), and B1 (Intermediate) levels

• Optional final exams to qualify for a level upgrade and certificate

Stay on course for FSL. Hit the Books will steer you in the right direction!

  • Sit Back and Relax; Be Warm, Safe and Eco-Friendly! Online Tutoring for FSL, French as a Second Language, HtB Language School is available!
One-to-One Tutoring for FSL, HtB Language School

Flexible, Focused, Fantastic! Enjoy up to 30% discount for your First Session. Read about your potential tutors below. Contact Us to book your first session. You will receive academic feedback from your tutor after your first session, telling you how many more sessions you would need to master the materials. When you are completely satisfied, you can register for a Study Package.

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