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Faris is currently a Master’s Candidate in Finance at Concordia University. Holding another Master's degree in Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, he is highly experienced in tutoring a wide range of finance, accounting, statistics, and math courses.

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Zoe is a PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering at École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS). With her Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Mechanical Engineering, she can tutor a range of courses in both fields. In addition, she is highly experienced with software and programming tools such as AutoCAD, LabVIEW, Solidworks, MATLAB and Simulink. Her academic and teaching expertise make her a great asset to our team at Hit the Books!

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MATH 203

MATH 203, Principles of Statistics 1, McGill University:

Examples of statistical data and the use of graphical means to summarize the data. Basic distributions arising in the natural and behavioral sciences. The logical meaning of a test of significance and a confidence interval. Tests of significance and confidence intervals in the one and two sample setting (means, variances and proportions).

  • Restriction of MATH 203: See Section 3.6.1 of the Arts and of the Science sections of the calendar regarding course overlaps.
  • Notes of MATH 203: No calculus prerequisites. You may not be able to receive credit for this course and other statistic courses. Be sure to check the Course Overlap section under Faculty Degree Requirements in the Arts or Science section of the Calendar. Students should consult the McGill website for information regarding transfer credits for this course.

Who’s afraid of MATH 203? Not you, once you Hit the Books!

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