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Kirsten holds an M.A. in English Literature from Brock University and a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Concordia. She is highly experienced in teaching different related courses in the field, and specializes in preparing students for language proficiency exams such as the EETC, IELTS, and TOEFL and the Verbal sections of the GMAT and GRE. In addition, she teaches many topics in English writing, grammar, and expression to high school and university students. Hit the Books believes you will have a great experience with her!

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Lexi holds a B.A. Joint Specialization in English and History, Minor in Sociology from Concordia. She is highly passionate about education and teaching in particular, and she can cover many topics in English writing, grammar, and expression helpful for high school and university students. Hit the Books believes you will have a great experience with her!

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Reading Comprehension, OAT Exam, ASCO:

The Reading Comprehension portion of the exam contains three passages consisting of approximately 14 paragraphs each. Each passage will pertain to a scientific topic. The intent of the author may be to inform, persuade, or speculate, but usually the author’s tone remains roughly neutral due to the nature of the content. Subtle clues may indicate an author is for or against certain ideas, but these opinions will rarely be extreme.

Outside knowledge of each field is not required to answer questions correctly in this section, and the passages are meant to cover material you do not already know. Nevertheless, rough familiarity with the general vocabulary and writing style used in each field can build your confidence and speed you up on Test Day. Reading through recent editions of journals, such as the Journal of the American Optometric Association and Science, and magazines, such as National Geographic and Scientific American, will increase your familiarity with this type of material. These publications tend to have articles of a similar style to those seen on the OAT.

Each of the three passages will be accompanied by 16–17 questions for a total of 50 questions per section. Because you will have 60 minutes total to complete this section, allot 20 minutes per passage: up to 8 minutes for reading the passage and at least 12 minutes for answering the questions. This will give you approximately 40–45 seconds per question. Neither every passage nor every question should take the same amount of time due to varying difficulty and length, so use these numbers as guidelines rather than hard rules.

OAT Exam getting on your nerves? Keep calm and Hit the Books!

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