About Us

Are you looking to make the most out of your university, CEGEP, or high school education? Passionate about learning a new language? Eager to ace the GMAT, GRE or other Graduate School Admission Exams? Need to pass the EETC to start your career as a teacher in Canada? Need some professional training to polish your skills? Hit the Books is the right place for you, because we know how to Hit the Books!

Who We Are!

We are a group of outstanding Graduate Degree / PhD holders or candidates and Scholars in a wide range of fields. Joining our team as a new venture are elite Bachelor Degree Holders under the supervision of our senior Graduate Degree holders. We are proud that our team in Science, Engineering, Languages, and Art are among the Top University Candidates or Graduates in their respective fields. Highly experienced in tutoring, we help students at all levels with all their educational needs, with the highest possible quality and at the most competitive rates!


Many tutoring companies take an assembly-line approach to learning, valuing large, impersonal prep courses and massive advertising budgets over their students’ academic goals. We are deliberately different! As a local Educational Institute, which consists of 40-60 independent scholars, PhD/Graduate Degree Candidates/Holders, we firmly believe in the value of education. We take time to ensure that each student is satisfied with their tutor's approach, confident in their studies, and successful in achieving their goals! All our sessions, from one-on-one tutoring to group courses, are designed to be the highest possible quality at the most affordable rates. We Are Proudly NOT a CORPORATION! To Keep Our Quality HIGH, and Our Rates DOWN, We Need Your Support!

“Hit the Books” today and experience the difference!

Struggling with exam preparation? Juggling too many courses? Our unique approach to tutoring allows you to plan your time wisely and make the most out of your classes. First, you can take advantage of our discounted rates for the trial session, with no commitments. Once you are completely satisfied with your tutor, you can register for a discounted package and book your sessions in advance, so that the time with your tutor is reserved.

We pride ourselves in meeting diverse students’ needs. Our tutors cover a wide range of courses, including but not limited to Accounting, Arabic, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Software Engineering, EETC Preparation, Economics, Engineering, English, Finance, French, GMAT and GRE Preparation, IELTS and TOEFL Preparation, Mathematics, Physics, and Proofreading and Editing. Since our tutors have extensive academic and teaching experience in their respective fields, they know what it is like to be learners as well as teachers!

About Our Tutors:

Tutors are NOT magicians, even if they claim to be! Nonetheless, our tutors are experienced and knowledgeable PhD/MSc Candidates/Holders, who PROFESSIONALLY know:

>>How to convey their knowledge to their students

>>How to help students “study smart” and achieve their goals

>>How to train students to enjoy studying a topic deeply and understand it well!

>>How to Hit the Books as well as possible!

To make your tutorials work their best you should plan ahead, register early, and study consistently!

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