BaF: Bring a Friend and Save Even More!

Bring your Study Buddies and Save Even More!

These rewards are our way of saying thank you for your support! Our students are an integral part of the Hit the Books community and what we do would be impossible without your help. At Hit the Books, we keep our rates affordable by investing in the quality of our sessions, not advertising. We are counting on word of mouth from satisfied students to get the word out.

One-to-one Tutoring: Refer a Friend to HtB and You’ll Both Get an HtB Gold Coin!

Help out a friend and you’ll both save some cash! For each new student you refer who registers for a Study Package with Hit the Books at any time, you will BOTH receive:

  • A $10 HtB Gold Coin for 2- or 4-session Study Packages
  • A $20 HtB Gold Coin for 8-session and larger Study Packages

Friends who study together, succeed together!

Make your own Mini-Group and Get Your First Session FREE!

Start a Mini-Group (3-7 students) with three of your classmates (i.e. you are the fourth student!) and get your First Session FREE! Mini-Group students enjoy reduced rates on their First session and Study Packages.

Start a Group and Get Your Study Package FREE!

Are you and your classmates struggling with your course? Form a group (8-20 students) and you get your Study Package (up to 12 hours) FREE! Group students enjoy reduced rates on their First session and Study Packages.

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