Course Materials

Your Course Material is needed On Time, Thorough, Precise, and Clear!

Be On time!

Be kind to your tutor and yourself! Please make sure to submit your course materials a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your session or by 6:00 PM the previous Friday for Monday sessions, since the admin office is closed over the weekend. This way, your tutor will be fully prepared, which ensures that you will have the most efficient and highest-quality session possible.

Be Thorough!

Please make sure to send us everything your tutor will need for the session. Submit an accompanying document for any topic or question you want to cover with your tutor, including:

  • Your Course Outline: This gives your tutor the context of the course and will help them plan for future sessions.
  • Lecture Slides/Notes/Topics: Make sure to send slides or notes that cover the topics you want to go through, whether you are working on a practice exam or simply need to review the material.
  • Sample Exams and Quizzes/Assignments/Questions: If you would like to work on an assignment or practice exam, please make sure to send the instructions, relevant lecture slides, and highlight which questions you want to cover. Please be as specific as possible!

Be Precise!

Clearly explain your tutoring needs in your email. For example:

  • Make sure you have material that can be covered within one session. Most of our sessions are two hours long. It is great to send more material, especially if you want to book a Study Package! Just be clear about what you want to cover in your current session.
  • Let us know exactly what you want to focus on: if you need help with certain questions, make sure those questions are highlighted; if sending lecture slides, please let us know exactly which lecture slides you need to cover.
  • Let us know your level in relation to the material you want to cover (for instance, whether you know the course well and want to clarify certain points, whether you need more extensive review, or whether you want to focus on a specific project or assignment)

No Surprises!

Your tutor will only be able to cover the material you send ahead of time. Please don’t surprise your tutor by bringing new or unrelated topics. This may impact the quality of your session. Your tutor needs to be prepared for each session, so please make sure to stick to what you have sent.

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