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Our DAT Prep Program Takes the Bite out of the Dental Aptitude Test!

The DAT (Dental Aptitude Test) for aspiring dentists can be challenging. Not only does it test your perception and reading comprehension, but it also covers a broad range of natural science topics. In order to score competitively, you need to have a detailed knowledge of biology and chemistry.

At Hit the Books, our expert tutors build up this much-needed knowledge and ensure that you know how to apply it to the DAT’s fast-paced question format. Our biology, chemistry, and language tutors are PhD candidates and graduate degree holders who can cover all DAT subjects and give you the tips and strategies you need to succeed.

Start with a discounted trial session in one or more of your desired subjects and sign up for a tutoring package once you are absolutely satisfied with the result. We will help you improve your weaker subject areas with targeted study and achieve a high, well-balanced score.

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In-Person or Online Tutoring - Your Choice!

Come to our office and take sessions in a focused classroom environment OR learn from home with our Online Tutoring option, available for all one-to-one sessions.

Unique and Exclusive Features of our Prep Programs:

Evaluation Exam

Designed to assess your skills in different sections of the exam

Personalized Study Plan

Customized based on your results, focused on your objectives, and planned in accordance with your schedule to guarantee maximum efficiency

Ongoing Assessment (Practice Tests)

Performed by your tutors to provide continuous feedback on your progress as well as the effectiveness of the instruction

Discounted First Session

Pay only for one session, taking advantage of a 3-hour evaluation session at a 30% discount. Loved your first session? Register for the best package based on your needs. Make your decision once you are completely satisfied; we want you to LOVE your experience with Hit the Books!

Expert Instructors

Your instructor will be a PhD/MSc/MBA holder with a minimum 5 years of teaching experience who specializes in a specific area of your graduate exam. That makes a huge difference and contributes to Hit the Books’ reputation for excellence!

All in all, rest assured you are in good hands! Planning efficiently with proper study materials, DAT study tips and prep strategies, we will help you reach your target score.

Your Potential Tutors:

Biology: Neda

Chemistry: Jane

Reading Comprehension: Kirsten


See how our 1-to-1 DAT tutoring rates compare!

Hit the Books: $60 - $90/hr

Kaplan: $147 - $270/hr

DAT Format: What You Need to Know!

Test Structure:

Manual Dexterity Test: Tests coordination by having the test taker carve a particular shape out of a cylinder of soap. Not all Canadian dental schools require MDT results. 30 minutes.

Survey of Natural Sciences: 70 multiple choice questions (40 in biology, 30 in chemistry). 60 minutes.

Perceptual Ability Test: Tests perception abilities, including spatial visualization, in 90 questions divided into six subtests. 60 minutes.

Reading Comprehension Test: 50 multiple choice questions based on three reading passages. 50 minutes.

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