English Exam for Teacher Certification

Are you taking the EETC for the first time? Have you taken the test before, but need to retake one or both sections? Need help studying, but don’t know where to start? Whatever your situation, Hit the Books can help!

Exam Information:

The EETC is administered by the CEETC (Centre for the English Exam for Teacher Certification). It is divided into two main sections, each containing two tasks:

Section A: Objective Language Tasks (30 minutes)

1) Editing task

2) Multiple-choice grammar task

This section tests your spelling and grammar skills: the editing task involves correcting spelling errors, and the grammar task contains multiple-choice questions with four choices each. The ratio of these question types varies, but there are always 30 questions in total.

Section B: Professional Writing Tasks (90 minutes)

1) Writing a letter

2) Writing an email

This part tests your reading comprehension, synthesis, and writing skills, as well as your ability to follow instructions: you are required to write a letter and email based on a sample Quebec government document.

You need to take this test if you are:

>>Enrolled in an education program in a Quebec university and planning to teach in English

>>Certified to teach outside Quebec and applying for a Quebec teaching license in English

What happens if you fail the exam?

Students who fail a part of either of these sections are required to retake that section of the test, though not the entire test. For example, if you receive a failing grade for your letter, you need to redo both parts of the Professional Writing section—the letter and email. This possibility allows for a degree of flexibility, so that you can concentrate on the areas you need to improve.

Learn with our Experienced Tutors!

Our expert English tutors are highly experienced in preparing students for both sections of the EETC. We recognize and adapt to the unique challenges you face. We have experience teaching a variety of test-takers, including newly-admitted university students, professionals seeking a Quebec teaching license, second-language English learners, students with language-related disabilities, and those who have failed the test their first time. No matter your situation, you can benefit from our expert tutoring and targeted practice sessions.

Unique advantages of our EETC program

Evaluation Test

During the first session, you will be given a practice test designed to assess your skills in both the Language and Writing sections, as needed. Subsequently, according to your results and the outcome of any previous EETC exams, your tutor will evaluate your level and target the areas you need help with.

Personalized Study Plan OR Comprehensive 12-Session Group Class

Your 1-to-1 study plan will be focused on your specific requirements. Based on your results and registration, your tutor will assign the exercises and practice scenarios that will best help you pass the test. Furthermore, your sessions will be planned in accordance with your schedule and registration to guarantee maximum efficiency. You also have the option of registering for our 12-session mini-group class, which covers both the writing and language sessions. You will have the benefit of a regular schedule, a syllabus, two in-class practice exams, and a small group environment with only 3-7 students.

About our 1-to-1 Study Packages

About our Mini-Group Study Packages

Winter 2021 EETC Mini-Group:

The Winter 2021 EETC exam dates have been announced! To get you ready before the exams begin, we've launched an intensive EETC Mini-Group that will focus on Exam Preparation and Test Management, including targeted exercises, practice exams, homework, and correction. Contact us to join!

First Session: Friday, 19 February, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Weekly Schedule: Fridays, 6:30-8:30 PM & Sundays, 2-4 PM

IMPORTANT: Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis and our class will be closed once it reaches the maximum number of students. Please let us know ASAP if you are interested.

Ongoing Assessment

In order to provide continuous feedback on your progress as well as the effectiveness of the instruction, your tutor will monitor your progress each lesson, and provide homework designed to strengthen your weaker areas and keep you on an organized study path. He or she will provide you with targeted spelling, grammar, and writing exercises designed to assess your English and writing skills.

Our Booklet

Our tutors not only use the CEETC practice manual, but we also provide each registered student with a workbook designed by Hit the Books. This workbook was carefully and thoughtfully developed based on our experience with a large number of EETC students. It contains an overview of the test, grammar and writing worksheets, practice scenarios, an organizational template for the email and letter, and other writing tips.


After your first session, you can decide which study package works best for you. Generally, we find that a registration of 12 or 8 weekly or biweekly sessions is necessary for students who are new to the exam, or those seeking to retake a section that they failed. However, you may need more or less preparation, depending on your fluency in English, your writing skills, the time you have for private study, and many more factors. Our advice for all students is to begin two months in advance of the deadline in order to derive the maximum benefit from your tutoring experience. With regularly scheduled sessions, you will have the chance to strengthen your skills and improve on your weaker areas.

Book It Now!

Contact us to book your first session.

To facilitate your booking, let us know in your first email whether you have taken the EETC test before and what your result was. Please also let us know your first language and your education status (e.g. whether you are an undergraduate student, graduate student, or teaching professional).

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