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Welcome to Hit the Books’ International Students Page! Are you thinking of studying in Canada? Currently applying to a Canadian CEGEP, college, or university? Already an international student? No matter where you are, we are here for you! (If you are more comfortable with the Persian version of this page, just click here)

Our experienced Consultants and Tutors will guide you through the 3 major steps of becoming a student in Canada. We can help you Before You Apply, while Applying, and After You Apply!

Before You Apply:

Your first set of decisions is crucial: whether or not to apply to a Canadian school, where to apply to, and what program is your best fit!

• In your first consultation session, we can help you clarify your reasons for applying, so you can make the right choices.

• Based on your goals and academic background, we will help you determine your best choices for schools and programs.

The next major milestone for applying to a program in Canada is having proof of English/French proficiency.

• We will discuss your available choices, the pros and cons of different tests and how to be prepared for each one of them.

• You can take advantage of our excellent Preparation Programs for various language and admissions tests: the TOEFL, IELTS, TEF/ TEFaQ, GRE, GMAT and more!

• We will help you register for the exams you need in the safest and fastest way, no matter where you are.

Besides your language proficiency test results and transcripts, you’ll want to have the best CV possible! It will help you find student jobs AND reach your academic goals!

Especially for graduate programs, you will make a good impression on your potential professor(s)/supervisor(s) if you have a great CV ready when you introduce yourself by email.


• We offer workshops on writing a concise CV in a short time…

• …Or choose our CV writing service where we make you a perfect CV with your data!

• Already have a CV that needs polishing up? Take advantage of our CV editing service.


Now that you’ve gathered all the information and documents you need, you can finally start applying! The first step in this section is finding the best places to apply for. In this regard we can offer you:

• A consulting session that can narrow down your choices for universities or cities, focusing on those where you have a better chance of acceptance.

• The programs and majors may be different in Canada than in your country. Book a consulting session in order to find out which program or major is the best fit for you.

Emailing professors in your target university can be intimidating! We will guide you on finding and communicating with your potential research supervisors.

• That leads us to academic meetings with professor(s)/supervisors, a common worry for students! Learn how to communicate clearly with them through our workshop and test meeting, so you can be fully prepared for the real thing.

• Financial matters are a pivotal feature for applicants! We will help you find different sources of funding from your selected institutions.

• Wondering about department-specific loans and bursaries? We can also help you email your potential professors about your funding situation, letting you know what questions to ask and how to set up a possible meeting.

• Concerned about recommendation letters? Some professors ask you to provide the text on your own, which can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry—we can help you write it so you present yourself in the best possible way!

• Filling out various online applications can be daunting. We can help you navigate new and unfamiliar systems, avoid common mistakes, and create a to-do checklist to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

• Paying application fees in the safest and fastest way for you from here.

After You Apply:

Congratulations on getting accepted into one of your chosen programs! Coming to Canada to study can be exciting, but also stressful when so much is unfamiliar. Don’t worry! We are still with you:

• Our experts can lead you through this important step. Because of the COVID-19 situation, the procedures are more complex than usual, so we can offer a helping hand for a number of situations!

• We can consult with you on how to gather the documents you need for getting a student visa and help you create some of them, such as your:

  • cover letter: A letter to help introduce yourself in a memorable, personalized way during an application.
  • study plan: A summary of your intentions and purposes for studying aboard, describing why you are coming to Canada.
  • CV/Resume: A detailed document highlighting your professional and academic history.

and more:

  • Gathering documents for your Certificate of Financial Ability: These show that you are capable to live and study in Canada.
  • Translations of your documents: Your transcripts, your Certificate of Financial Ability, etc.

Settling in your destination city can be a headache for an international student.

• Don’t worry about getting here! Booking the best possible flight for you is one of our services.

• We can walk you through the steps you have to take here such as finding an affordable home and knowing your transportation options.

• We can give you tips for getting essential items such as a social security number, bank account, mobile SIM card, etc.

• Support in your academic life is also our top priority! We will help you register online or in person for your classes, and consult with you about the best schedule for you.

• Besides our consulting services, we offer tutoring and proofreading services in a wide variety of academic subjects.

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