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>> Faced with the TOEFL, IELTS, TEFaQ, SEL, EETC. OQLF for an immigration, school, or job requirement?

>> Need help studying, but don’t know where to start?

Hit the Books can help! Our expert French and English tutors are highly experienced and specialized in preparing students for different Language Proficiency Tests. No matter your level or needs, you will benefit from our expert tutoring and targeted practice sessions.

Not sure which Proficiency Test fits your needs? Have an Academic Advising consultation with an experienced team member.

Trial Session:

Take advantage of a discounted rate without any commitment to a study package. Make a decision about your registration after your 1st session, when you are completely satisfied.

One-to-One Test Preparation Plans:

After your Trial Session—once your tutor has evaluated your level in all areas covered by the language exam such as oral expression, listening, reading, writing, and grammar—s/he will conduct in-class exercises and assign homework tailored specifically for your individual needs. Your tutor will monitor your progress each lesson, so you will know what to work on to improve your final score. The benefits of regular instruction and practice will be immense, and will have a real impact on your future!

Loved Your Trial? Register and Enjoy the Advantages:

>> When you are completely satisfied with your first session, you have the choice of registering for a range of study packages. Choose the best study package for your needs! Consider our feedback on your trial session, register, and Enjoy the Discounts!

>> Customize your sessions and use them whenever you want during one semester, depending on the availability of your tutor.

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