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The PCAT exam is a challenge for many aspiring pharmacists! It is specifically designed to test the knowledge and skills needed for pharmacy programs. Because it tests so many aptitudes, it may seem daunting, but think of it as your chance to stand out from the crowd! Prove to your sought-after schools that you can master critical reading, writing, and quantitative reasoning as well as biology and chemistry.

Our tutors include PhD candidates and graduate degree holders in a range of core PCAT subjects: biology, general and organic chemistry, high-level math, and advanced English. Start with a discounted trial session in one or more of these areas and sign up for a tutoring package once you are absolutely satisfied with the result. We will help you improve your weaker subject areas with targeted study and achieve a high, well-balanced score. More about our one-to-one Graduate Exam study packages

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PCAT Structure and Scoring:

Test Structure:

Writing: Short essay based on a prompt. 30 minutes. Book your tutor!

Biological Processes: 48 multiple choice questions (50% General Biology, 20% Microbiology, 30% Human Anatomy & Physiology). 45 minutes. Book your tutor!

Chemical Processes: 48 multiple choice questions (50% General Chemistry, 30% Organic Chemistry, 20% Basic Biochemistry Processes). 45 minutes. Book your tutor!

Critical Reading: 48 multiple choice questions (30% Comprehension, 40% Analysis, 30% Evaluation). 50 minutes. Book your tutor!

Quantitative Reasoning: 28 multiple choice questions (25% Basic Math, 25% Algebra, 18% Probability & Statistics, 18% Precalculus, 14% Calculus). 50 minutes. Book your tutor!

Total Test (220 minutes): 192 multiple-choice items, 1 writing prompt. Note: Each multiple-choice subtest consists of 40 operational items and 8 experimental items.

Scoring: the composite scaled score ranges from 200-600, and the writing section from 1.0 to 6.0. Test-takers will also be given a percentile ranking from 1 to 99 that measures how they compare with other candidates.

Unique and Exclusive Features of our Prep Programs:

  • Evaluation Session: Designed to assess your skills in different sections of the exam
  • Personalized Study Plan: Customized based on your results, focused on your objectives, and planned in accordance with your schedule to guarantee maximum efficiency
  • Ongoing Assessment (Practice Tests): Performed by your tutors to provide continuous feedback on your progress as well as the effectiveness of the instruction
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  • Expert Instructors: Your instructor will be a PhD/MSc/MBA holder with a minimum 5 years of teaching experience who specializes in a specific area of your graduate exam. That makes a huge difference and contributes to Hit the Books’ reputation for excellence!


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