Mini-Group Study Packages: University - College - CEGEP

4-10 Students Basic University Courses

100- and most 200-level courses at McGill or Concordia, their equivalent in other universities, and all College (CEGEP) courses

Step 1: Book Your First Session

>> Take advantage of a discounted rate (up to a 40% discount) without any commitment to a Study Package. After your first session, we will give you detailed feedback on your academic performance to identify your specific strengths and weaknesses. Contact Hit the Books to book your first session!

Step 2: Choose the Best Study Package

>> Our 12-session packages are exclusively for HtB Members, who enjoy a range of advantages. Become a member and save more!

Need fewer sessions?

*The total payments listed are based on the minimum number of sessions (at 2 hours each) in each package. However, students can request a 3-hour session, depending on their needs. For example, in a MGU8+ package, the minimum number of sessions is 8 (16 hours) and the payment is calculated accordingly. Students may add more sessions to their Study Package using the same discounted rate, in which case, the total price will be different from what is listed above. Note: All rates are listed in Canadian Dollars.

Make Your Own Mini-Group

Are you and your classmates struggling with the same course? Form a mini-group (3-7 students) and save BIG! For groups of 8-20 students, please see our Group rates.

>> For your first session, take advantage of a discounted rate (up to a 30% discount) without any commitment to a study package.

>> Sign up for one NOW in 3 simple steps: 1) Search for your course at the top left. 2) Read about your potential tutor. 3) Contact Hit the Books, making sure to include the availability and contact information of all students.

Bring a Friend and Get a Free Session!

>> As part of our Bring a Friend program, you can benefit from special savings for bringing other students! Bring 3 or more group members and receive your first session free. You can also split the savings among your group.

How to Register

1) After choosing your package, "Like" Hit the Books and send us a message on Facebook to get your promotional code!

2) Make sure that your availability and schedule preferences are also updated.

3) As soon as we receive your payment, we can book all of your following sessions. Have the peace of mind that comes with a settled schedule!

>> Cancellation and Rescheduling:

Rescheduling is not available for students in Mini-Group (3-7 students) or Group (8-20 students) sessions. Please consult our Rescheduling Procedures to learn more.

Hit the Course:

Join a Mini-Group for our special Weekly Review or Intensive Prep/Crash Course sessions! Read more below or see our Group Class rates (8-20 students).

Weekly Review:

Review your Course Material thoroughly in a mini-group of 3-7 students. Available for select courses and/or upon request.

Pricing is based on the MGU8+ rate, but special promotions may be available for early birds.

Intensive Prep/Crash Courses:

Our Hit the Course sessions are special events available for core courses to get you fully prepared for the midterms and finals.

Pricing is based on the MGU4+ rate, but special promotions may be available for early birds.

Need more information? Please contact Hit the Books.

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