One-to-One Study Packages: University - College - CEGEP

Basic University Courses

100- and most 200-level courses at McGill or Concordia, their equivalent in other universities, and all College (CEGEP) courses.

Book before June 30th and Enjoy a 30% Welcome Discount for your 1st Session (2-4 hours only) as a “Thank You” for choosing Hit the Books!

Loved your first session?

You now have the choice of registering for a range of Study Packages. You can book the sessions based on your schedule and preferences, depending on the availability of your tutor. Visit our Study Packages page to learn more about the benefits!

The U12 Study Package is one of our most popular options and features one our best rates. Our 12-Session packages are reserved for HtB Da Vinci Members, who benefit from a range of advantages. Become a member and save more!

Need fewer sessions?

*The total payments listed are based on the minimum number of sessions (at 2 hours each) in each package. However, students can request a 3-hour session, depending on their needs. For example, in a U8+ package, the minimum number of sessions is 8 (16 hours) and the payment is calculated accordingly. Students may add more sessions to their Study Package using the same discounted rate, in which case, the total price will be different from what is listed above. Note: All rates are listed in Canadian Dollars.

How to Register

1) Book your First Session by looking up your course on our website and choosing your tutor and time slot.

2) Receive your personalized feedback and recommendations from your tutor, including the study package they recommend for you to meet your goals.

3) After choosing your package, take advantage of our promotions by supporting us on social media and sending us proof! Save up to $50 with just a few clicks!

4) Book the rest of your sessions in one go, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a settled schedule!

Cancellation and Rescheduling:

To help us stay organized and avoid paying unnecessary fees, we encourage you to keep your session(s) as they are scheduled. Should you need to reschedule your session due to an emergency, please consult our Rescheduling Policy.

Notice: Please be aware that all promotional rates may be subject to change. For 300-level courses and above, please see our one-to-one University Advanced rates. Need more information? If our FAQ page doesn't answer your questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

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